When working with older children in photography, the introduction of various poses adds depth and creativity to the session. However, due to their short attention spans and tendency to move quickly, precision and speed are essential. Planning and organization are key, ensuring that poses are well-prepared and executed swiftly while maintaining an engaging and playful atmosphere. Capturing candid moments can also be valuable, revealing the child's genuine personality. In this way, photographers can create memorable and authentic photographs that reflect the child's unique stage of development.
Furthermore, as children grow older, they develop their own preferences, interests, and unique personalities. This evolution in their individuality can inspire fresh and creative ideas for poses and themes. Collaborating with the child and their parents to incorporate their interests and hobbies into the photoshoot can result in even more meaningful and personalized images. These collaborative efforts not only make the session enjoyable but also ensure that the photographs truly reflect the child's character and journey as they continues to grow.

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